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can someone fix my prof i am not 20yrs old hell no im 15 turning 16 closely (2003) I was thinking about someones birthday big mistake
Hey, you accepted my vpn app but i still can’t join, how long would it take for it to be added in?
VPN App: hello how am i supposed to reply to the VPN app since i live in china and the wifi is shit here so can you pls help cause it wont let me reply on the thread
Please do not post this on andrew’s profile, it doesn’t even take 5 minutes to find the vpn application area.
Hey Emerald, i was wondering if there was any way you could revoke my ban. I have lately realised how much i regret my decision on trying to chargeback and now i regret it as i have started playing Minecraft again and i wanted to learn how to cannon. I'm honestly so sorry for even trying this, Please forgive me and give me one more chance.
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