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Jan 1, 2019
IGN: TNTToggle

Age: 16

Past names (namemc link:(

Ban logs (

Timezone: EST

Tell us about yourself: I am a 16 year old male, i have no life so i play minecraft. I go to school come home to do chores and then get on oneshot and make cannons, sometimes i record to help out the newer people.

When did you first join Oneshot, and how many hours have you logged each day (approximately:( I joined, around late 2017 , and i play about 2-10 hours a day.

Any previous staff experience: I have been staff on play-mc, and arcadewars (those are the "big" servers) i have also been staff on smaller servers but i've only learned anything from play-mc and arcadewars. I have dms with hitch for becoming play-mc staff if needed and i might have aw screenshots in game.

Why should we pick you over the other applicants: I have the experience, i play everyday, i know enough about cannoning to help everyone out. I have never been demoted or banned for abusing perms and i don't plan on it. I am not really that toxic, and i know there are a lot of responsibilities i need to be staff and i am willing to accept them and withhold my end by helping moderate chat.

What would the server gain from you: I could help the newer people out, learning new things maybe even making their first cannons, i can moderate the chat and keep the toxic, racist, spamming, and botting players off the server, out of chat.

What has motivated you to apply for staff on oneshot: I just really enjoy playing oneshot, and helping people on oneshot, so why not take it a step further and help the community by getting rid of the sour apples and helping the ones who don't know how to make things like 20 stackers yet.

How many servers do you actively play on: Just oneshot really, when factions rolls around ill play for like 2 weeks but even then ill find a way off to get on oneshot because scane grinding is not fun, neither is trenching.

Is there anything you would like to add: I occasionally play arcadewars and whatever map XYZ plays but they usually get ran within 2 weeks so if i am inactive i'll let you guys know but i shouldn't be because i prefer oneshot over playing factions.


Not open for further replies.