TeenLover's Application!

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Nov 22, 2018
IGN: TeenLover

Age: 13 (My bday is today!!!)

Past names (namemc link) OpticKiller424

Ban logs (http://oneshotmc.com/punishments/bans.php) None including me.

Timezone: EST/EDT

Tell us about yourself: I'm a very active person. I can contribute to this as I've owned a server in the past

When did you first join Oneshot, and how many hours have you logged each day (approximately) Well anyways, I joined for the first time today and I can make the time being on OneShot approx. 5 hours to a full day on weekends, and maybe 1-5 hours during schooldays.

Any previous staff experience: I have been staff on a few of my friends server and I was an owner position on Cluttered, a 10 slot public server hosted by Minehut in the US. It was not as successful, maybe 5 players per day, but I didn't like the way the staff I chose were treating the problems (letting the the staff members do all the work and then having them take all the credit) and I didn't like the fact that I chose the worst staff members possible, almost of all of them corrupt. I shut it down a few days ago and it isn't planned to get it back up. I was also a Helper, promoted to Mod on EnchantedPlugin's server (I forgot the name), a large 100 slot which usually had 3-5 users on avg. and 1-2 staff on at one time. It was a fun community but I'm picturing resigning soon.

Why should we pick you over the other applicants: I love the Minecraft community, even though it is harsh at times. I'm not harsh at it, and I enjoy helping it. I like inventing/creating plugins for the good of the community and for my own enjoyment. I don't rage, if I were to leave, I would say my goodbyes and resign , not blow the server up first, and I see myself as a good member of your team.

What would the server gain from you: I think it will gain activity from me, and the community will turn to a better place. I plan to help out players that need it, and read reports, punish the rule breakers, and make sure that players follow the rules. I also plan to make sure I read the forums and make sure there aren't any inappropriate posts about pornography, advertising, etc. The last thing I plan to do is read ALL reports (if advised).

What has motivated you to apply for staff on oneshot: Seeing how fun it is to be a Helper made me want to be a Helper to help out the community on OneShot! I really love the community and the player and environment are nice, I feel like I'd be welcomed if I were to be accepted!

How many servers do you actively play on: Usually not that much, only minehut.

Is there anything you would like to add: No thanks
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