My helper application!

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Mar 2, 2019
IGN: Mekaziah

Age: I am currently 15 years of age.

Past names: None.

Ban logs:

Timezone: GMT.

Tell us about yourself:

When did you first join Oneshot, and how many hours have you logged each day (approximately)

I first joined oneshotmc about 4months ago, Each day I commonly log on about 4hours a day during week days and during the weekend I pay about 6-7hours sometimes longer if I am working on a project (Cannons etcetera).

Any previous staff experience:
I played the trial role in a cracked server I was trial for 30 days, and I didn't want to carry on as a helper as I was not in to Minecraft as I am now.
Why should we pick you over the other applicants:
I think I am more of a sophisticated staff member than an average player wanting to be staff, I am a very nice person and very helpful to anyone and I do not discriminate.
What would the server gain from you:
In my opinion I think the server would gain an experienced staff member who knows how to handle certain problems, the server would also gain a very positive vibed person who is always ready to motivate people.
What has motivated you to apply for staff on oneshot:

I have been motivated by the positive staff and owner that are very kind hearted and I would love to join them and their missions to make the server a welcoming positive place.

How many servers do you actively play on:
I currently play 3 servers and Oneshot is one of them, one of the servers is almost resetting and I will not be participating in the map that's going to happen.
I would like to add a few things about myself:
I am one of the top cannoners on the servers that I currently play,
I have cannoned for about 2 years now and still getting better, as there is always something to learn,
I am a very positive person who is always smiling and trying to make peoples days better,
I love a chat with people no matter the race, gender I am a very accepting person and supportive!
Thanks for reading my appeal, if my application is denied, I will still try my best to help people out despite what happened,
Have a nice day, Mekaziah aka matty


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Feb 4, 2019
Mekaziah I do respect the fact that you are on fairly regularly and I do agree you are genuinely kind to the other members that are a part of the Oneshot community. However I would just like to point out a few things obviously regarding your application:

Firstly the colour is really hard to read; Black on dark gray...

Secondly, it's a little bit dry with fairly minimal replies, I do not think I could confirm you put much effort in this which is conveyed by the generally one sentence answers and, maybe it was a little bit informal, however this is just my opinion..

Thirdly, I also respect your confidence with the bold statement "I am one of the top cannoners on the servers that I currently play" obviously I do not know how good the average cannoners are on your server but as I looked at some of the cannons you claimed to have produced, they looked fairly familiar from other places and some fairly common schematic marks. You weren't really able to show me any cannons that you made on your own and claimed that you and "your gang" made them.

However, I'm only a helper and this is just my opinion. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get what you are looking for.
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