More schemshop saves / Easier way to delete schematics


New Member
Oct 21, 2016
Hey there citizens of oneshot.
I was wondering if it were to be posible to give people with yt or yt+ ranks unlimited schematics so we are able to post all of our cannons on the server for people to use cause people always ask me to post them but i never have any room

Furthermore i would also to make another suggestion on deleting schematics from the schemshop i think it would be better to make it where we don't have to type out something like /schemshop delete Dragon's 255 rev nuker oneshot and just make it where we click on the schematic in our personal schematics folder and where it says paste and a copy option there is also a delete this would make it easy to get rid of them.

Thanks. Attached a photo of where you should be able to delete it to help you.