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Feb 24, 2019
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CET (winter time UTC+1) CEST (summer time UTC+2(March 31 - October 27))

Tell us about yourself:
I am 14 years old and I enjoy gaming, pc hardware and ICT. I struggle with depression and social interaction. With gaming, I became a lot more social interactive even though it was only on Minecraft. I started playing factions about 5 years ago but only really knew how it worked until about 2 years ago. After a few years of factions, I wanted to learn how to cannon. I started looking up videos on youtube and started making my first cannon. I found out about oneshotmc a couple of months before that and used it as a place I could design bases. After a few weeks of trying to cannon I bought legend because I couldn't do shit on the cannon server. But when I was on the legend server I was disappointed because it had a super annoying chunk glitch that destroyed some of my cannons. I wanted to make my own private cannoning server but I needed to learn how to code, I started with Java but got stuck after a few weeks. I am still not going as fast as I hoped and I think by making me a staff member it would get me to start again.

When did you first join Oneshot, and how many hours have you logged each day:
I joined a couple of years back and I play about 2-8 hours almost every day. I mostly cannon, make base designs and help other people with their cannons.

Any previous staff experience:
I don't have any staff experience but I know how to behave as a staff member.

Why should we pick you over the other applicants:
Due to my timezone, I cover a lot of time when other staff members aren't online, and I am very active. I have a lot of knowledge about factions and cannoning.

What would the server gain from you:
I would cover about 4-6 hours of space where no staff is online. I am also decently good at cannoning so I could help a lot of people with their cannons.

What has motivated you to apply for staff on oneshot:
It bothers me that during that time there occurs a lot of spam, racism and toxicity.
It has also come to my attention there are people raping cannon server's tps. If the tps is bad for an extended period of time people won't come back, I could probably fix that within an hour.

How many servers do you actively play on:
I mostly play oneshot and I play a bit of saicopvp on the side.

Is there anything you would like to add:
I am currently practising in Java, JavaScript and Kotlin, so maybe in the future, I could help with server plugins setup/creation.
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