I would like to apply for Staff


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Dec 1, 2018
My Staff aplication

IGN> My IGN is currently avizenn.

Age> I am 15 years old, no birthdays soon. just had mine.

Past Names> Nothing to substantial, just some spelling changes till my new ign, here's the link to check. https://namemc.com/profile/avizenn.1

Ban Logs> I have never been banned on ANY server, i would hope you take this as a good stand point to making me a Helper.

Timezone> I live in the UTC+3 timezone.

Tell us about yourself> I am a pretty good cannoner that understands the pro basics and can build some pretty insane cannons if wanted, I love helping people, I like making people happy and enjoy life, it's what i live for tbh, I help whenever i can and i put forward all my effort.

When did you join Oneshot, and how many hours have you logged each day> I joined oneshot back in summer 2018, played it ever since, i had a period where i stopped for a while, but then i started playing again, i probably log 3-6 hours and can do more due to my flex able schedule.

Any previous staff experience> I have been staff on a single server, my friends small server that had at most 10 players average, They all said i was a good staff, but the server shutdown recently, my friend announced it is never coming back up, it made tears come to my eyes.

Why should we pick you over the other applicants?> I am very much so active and can put forth whatever you need, if you need to me to be on 12 hours a day, heck even 22 hours a day i would do it (2 hour is eating time lol) I think the server needs a very dedicated staff member, and i would like to help, I think that oneshot is my favorite server cause you have the free range to do what you want, you have w/e and tnt cannons, the possibilities are endless. If the player needs help ill just right in and try my best to help. You can only do what is within your skill range.

What would the server gain from you?> A very good staff and active one, i think that I will beat all other staff members in hours, and active staff is what this server deserves. Oneshot is one of those servers that you can just have infinite possibilities and that's what makes it good.

What motivated you to apply for staff on Oneshot?> I Think the oneshot community would like having a 24/7 active staff member so the playerbase gets to know you better, which makes the players want to come back on and ask for help and not just leave and go to a different server.

How many servers do you actively play?> I play 1 actively but i am willing to drop it for oneshot's gain.

TY for taking the time to read this
Have a good day! <3