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Aug 21, 2018
IGN: squirtplays

Age: 16

Past names: My first name was zaneboy442 then i changed it to squirtplays, then to zaneboy442 and once more to squirtplays

Ban logs: I am sorry about what I did, I shouldn’t of spammed and it is my fault completely, I am sorry for being as immature as I was.

Timezone: MTS

Tell us about yourself: I started playing Minecraft right at the end of 2012, i have been playing since, i have had times where i will play for awhile then stop playing but lately i have been really active, not on here, i joined OneShot about half a year to a year ago, I am a sophomore in high school, my favorite song is definitely Everybody hates me by the Chainsmokers, when i first joined OneShot i was a little lost just because i never had experience with cannons, i did learn a lot more, but i cant make my own 255 one shot :( , i know its sad i have to use schematica, a little bit after i joined OneShot there was the Factions releasing, see i have been playing factions for multiple years and your probably asking well why don't you know more about cannons, i haven't spent the time trying to figure out them.I have always been into factions and i love the concept of the it. I play basketball and am going to be homeschooled.

When did you first join Oneshot, and how many hours have you logged each day (not many at all but I have been really active on here recently, I joined right around year to a year and a half, i haven't been playing often like at all, because of really important things in my life, i am going to be playing more OneShotmc.

Any previous staff experience: Yes, i was a owner and also a developer on another not very popular server, both of the servers are and (Which recently went down and the owner is no longer making servers), I was a owner of a factions server that averaged right around 5-8 players, i tried my best to give the best experience and that is part of the reason why i didn't play a lot of OneShotmc, i am no longer running the server and will now have a lot of free time, When i was running the server i had a lot of stress and a lot of bugs, why i had so much stress was because i never had staff that would do anything, i would average around 4-5 hours a day working on my server, I was too nice though when it would come to people because i didn't want to hurt there feeling, I have tried my best lately to be better at that. When i was a developer i was a very basic one but I am still learning, i am using Eclipse, i haven't made much progress but like i said the server i was developer on had very few players so i didn't have to work much.

Why should we pick you over the other applicants: You should pick me instead of the other players because i am a very active player, i haven't been on here much, I was mainly on my server but i have moved on, I believe you should pick me because i want to bring the very best experience to the players and i want everyone to feel safe when they are playing on this server, i believe this is a safe server, I think that i am a very dedicated member and want to help you guys to the best of my possibilities, I try my very best to be the most honest and trusting friend that i possibly can, i do have mistakes like i can pick up on things and learn things very quickly but its also a error, when i dont learn something semi quick i get frustrated with my self and am to hard on myself.

What would the server gain from you: I believe that this server would gain a very active person that can help you staff members with configuration on certain plugins, I also am learning a lot of Coding using Eclipse and when I am good enough and i can start making custom plugins to make the experience great, I will be able to get on daily but there is a time in September i will be gone for 1 whole week, i know that there are many things that i can help add on the factions server and try my best to learn more cannon related questions, i know that i can put in many hours a day on this server and try to help anyone that needs it on the Cannoning server to the best of my possibilities.

What has motivated you to apply for staff on Oneshot: I was motivated to join this server because it has a descent player base and i seen the factions server, i could of joined awhile ago when you created your first factions map, but i was working on my factions server at the moment, i am motivated to joined because of resigning from my server and i know that i can help out a lot based on my experience with factions! I still see that there is big possibilities for this server based on the fact that it has the greatest cannoning spigot made, I also see a lot of active youtubers and some played factions here and i knew that it was a great idea.

How many servers do you actively play on: I am currently not playing any servers besides Bedwars on Hypixel, I used to run a server but now that i resigned i am not working or playing on any factions servers at the moment.

Is there anything you would like to add: I am very excited that i am applying here, i'm a little nervous about the developer thing, its like solving a rubix cube, its really hard to unless you have support and have people there to help, that kinda how i feel about the coding but i am going to continue until i figure this out, and if you were wondering whats the largest rubix cube you solved it would be the 9x9 rubix cube it only took 7 hours though but I just want to thank you for reading my application because it is kinda long but hey the more info the more likely i am to have a staff view this!
Thanks - Squirtplays
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May 28, 2018
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Squirt would definitely be helpful in the sense that they are very active and enjoy playing on the server greatly. Also, the application has a fair amount of detail and it seems that squirt really tried.;) Good luck and...



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Jun 12, 2017
Very detailed application. Also, from what I've seen on the server, you're very nice and you are also on very much. I don't know how well at cannons you are but you being on so much and deciding to buy legend I'd assume you know most of what you're doing. +1