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Jan 28, 2019
IGN: IRushNastyy

Age: 13

Past names

Ban logs No bans no mutes no warns.


Tell us about yourself: I am an overall nice person I am respectful I just over all like to help out I have lots of Staffing and I have been on this server for a while.

When did you first join Oneshot, and how many hours have you logged each day I joined the server idk 2017? I have been on for atless 100hours total.

Any previous staff experience: Yes I am right now staff on i was staff on pugre paridise and the only reason I was demoted was to inactivity

Why should we pick you over the other applicants: You should pick me because I am nice i have staff experience and i am just an overall nice person.

What would the server gain from you: Nothing...

What has motivated you to apply for staff on oneshot: Im cool :)

How many servers do you actively play on:

Is there anything you would like to add: I am cool :)
Not open for further replies.