DuckyHorse's Ban Appeal (TNTToggle demote??)


Dec 31, 2016
IGN: DuckyHorse
Who banned you: TNTToggle
How long were you banned: Perm
Why you were banned: "Threatening to lag the server? ... Bye Buddy..."
Why you think you should be unbanned:
Alright. TNTToggle logged on and basically starts banning/kicking people for random reasons. I'm there, building a cannon. I say, as a joke after iProgressV2 was banned, "ill lag the server" and instantly got banned for the same reason.

The fact of the matter is that this isn't in the rules, at all. Also, even if it were in the rules, there should have been a warning issued before anyhting. Especially a perm ban.

This total situation is 100% bullshit. It is abuse and extremely unprofessional by TNTToggle.

Screenshot of TNTToggle rage:

Screenshot of chat:

Link of ban page:

- DuckyHorse
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Oct 29, 2016
It all started with TNT comming online after he was temp banned on a different server. Like he said he was pissed about. So someone asked for help and he replied with,: "not helping people yet. Fixing my own shit". Someone replied to what he said. He said: "Dad mod". So TNT kicked him as a joke for: "Bad donator". ( ). So alot of players were joking around that they want to get banned. TNT also banned people for "Bye", but he unbanned them immediatly, so DuckyHorse was like: If he's unbanning them I'll get unbanned too". and when someone said that they'll lag the server where he got banned for, he said it with FlickFlacker too and they got banned while they thought they would get unbanned, but they got perm banned. Thats the story behind it.

Another thing is that if I do '/rules' in game, it doesnt show there. And on the forums where the rules are shown at the ban panel, nothing gets shown, not any rule there.