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Feb 24, 2019
If you have been inactive on cannon server your plot gets removed because of storage limitations. So my idea was if u made your plots cannon, donator, and legend (idk if donator and legend plots get removed) downloadable to your own personal hard drive so if you are inactive all your cannons/bases get saved. And of course, be able to upload them again. I know this is complicated to code but its an interesting idea in my mind.
Maybe if you make a simple site with ads u can't skip for like 5 seconds before you can download the world for extra money for server hosting.


There's too many other things right now that we need to fix/add; basic things to make the server more interesting, fixing bugs (especially the VPN kick bug which is getting really quite irritating), and just basic things to add to make the server more interesting and help people making cannons. I think this idea is a very good idea that would be really convenient for returning players, who often seem bummed that their things have been deleted after being gone for a very long time. However, there are other things we need to address right now regarding players who still play.

Edit: I will leave this thread open to assure that I/we don't forget it in the future and to expand on this idea if you wish to do so.


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Nov 21, 2017
From a technical perspective this is a rather infeasible thing to accomplish. You may be able to download your plot, but you wouldn't be able to reload it. The reason is related to resource contentions and caching. The world files cant be written to while the server is running, even if you were able to write to them the server would never reload them and is more likely to overwrite them and cause data corruption. It also isn't possible to wait for a restart because there is no significant interval between shutdown and reboot.

You also wouldn't be able to use it in your single player world because it wouldn't be of a known format. It would also likely be highly compressed and decompressing it without the format would be rather difficult. Beyond that letting users upload files to a server for parsing is generally a bad idea, it can often leave the server open to many vulnerabilities, especially if the format doesn't have a long standing history.