Cannoning For Free


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Oct 21, 2016
Hi guys i will be cannoning for free the only requirements are
1. must be a good raid with at least 20 or more walls
2. you must have a lot of TNT for the raid
3. don't beg me to cannon if i say no
4. No regens because i hate them Also i will not midair
5. Must have more then just 3 people or more in the raid I don't like to cannon with just 1 person
6. Can't be on a server with really gay ticks or stuff like that (if you dont know if it had bad ticks tell me the server)

If you need proof i can cannon
If interested put ign: Server: Time zone: #of walls: #Stacks of TNT:
Sep 9, 2016
Can you raid a base on Cosmic for me? PLEEEAAASEE I RLY WANT U TO CANNON. It will just be me and you, and do you think 4 stacks of tnt will be enough? Its a base with 4 sets of minechat regens and regen filters. Lots of regen walls in general. The base has like 2 pig spawners in it, but I mostly want to raid them for their dubs of p4. OP OP.

Thank you for reading this @Dragonairbender


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Dec 20, 2017
Hey i need help with a raid on DistrictPvP please contact me asap as the base will be most likely raided within the hour.


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Dec 21, 2017
Hey, i have a raid on DistrictPvP, it's a /f top 1 faction and it only has 25 walls if shooting east, and reallignment obv works on here. These kids trash talks us a lot, so we really need someone to split them asap. We just set a 255 fusion nuke up, but the sand comp doesn't work for some reason. The cannon box is approx 10 chunks away from the base. They also have a set of filters :)
Discord: notziz#9426, or hit me up with any TeamSpeak server. These kids also hack a lot. We have like 200 dubs of tnt, so we should do fine ;)

I've heard that u played with Twistedd on Saico aswell, he's in our faction, we're all in different timezones, but most of us are cet and est :) Our fac consists of 12 members. We have the right cords set up if we're shooting for the ig's and they currently have 25 of those. The fac itself is worth 106 million and they only have 26 walls, lol

We really want to nuke those bastards because they are cheating their asses off, and their also trashtalkes. Thanks bro, hmu any time
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