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    DuckyHorse's Ban Appeal (TNTToggle demote??)

    dead server eks di
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    Ban tnttoggle

    Ban tnttoggle
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    VapeN_Strafe's Ban Appeal

    Good to see you back after at least 2 years
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    Badlion client

    Printer in general isn't supported
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    Perma-Ban Appeal

    A ban for spam is only applicable if you advertised or were believed to be using a spam bot excessively but it sounds more like tnttoggle has a disability
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    Can someone help me make cannons? I never did add chapter 2, might do that soon but that's a fat might
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    downloadable worlds

    There's too many other things right now that we need to fix/add; basic things to make the server more interesting, fixing bugs (especially the VPN kick bug which is getting really quite irritating), and just basic things to add to make the server more interesting and help people making cannons...
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    VPN Filter Bug (Read this if you are being kicked)

    Currently, there is a bug with the VPN filter the server uses that prevents alot of people without VPNs from joining. The staff team is already aware of it. We are working to solve it so people without VPNs can still use our server. If this is happening to you, please create a VPN bypass...
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    listen here emerald

    We are already aware of this issue and are working to solve it as soon as possible.
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    Ban Appeal

    Sorted this out over discord dms; was an ip ban that was not directly associated with the account. Accepted
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    Ban Appeal

    ??? Also your app is indeed a bit short and seems insincere. As for the ign, I think you simply provided the wrong ign, so I will leave this open.
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    False Ban/Mute Appeal

    You spammy spammy too much you also saw 3 friends get punished and didn’t think about that?¿ reduced
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    obama mute appeal xd

    Don’t be a weetard when you see other people being muted. Accepted.
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    I cannot login using forge

    what version